Lift Solutions, Inc.

Fleet Management

If you feel that you are spending too much time trying to manage your forklift fleet and not enough time on your core business, then it is time to let Lift Solutions manage it for you.

Lift Solutions has been managing small and large forklift fleets for over 40 years. With our vast knowledge of the material handling industry, we are able to offer solutions for your fleet management that other companies simply cannot match. We can offer an array of reports formatted for any application. This information can be sorted by department, unit, cost per hour, usage, and many other meaningful and easy to follow formats.

Site-specific management allows us to get personal with your fleet and identify your most costly areas. This will provide you with the best resources available to manage your fleet and help reduce your overall cost of ownership.

InfoLink, a Crown designed wireless fleet and operator management system offers OSHA compliance, impact monitoring, utilization, energy consumption, and service features.

You will not find a more dedicated partner to manage your fleet than Lift Solutions.

  • Site survey
  • Fleet analysis
  • Fleet reporting
  • Expense by department
  • Expense by truck
  • Cost per hour
  • Wheel and tire usage
  • Abuse